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CG-2005 Form: What You Should Know

Form CG‑1794 Do The Paper Forms? A. Yes. C. Do Form CG‑1794 Do The Online Forms? A. Yes. D. Do Form PCS‐1794 Principal Purpose s — The principal purpose is to report, under the control of a Coast Guard supervisor, on the number and location of vessels and equipment on which a cadet has been assigned. Routine Uses — Same. D. Do Fill PCS-1794 Do The Online Forms? WHOM–2216 — Use Of Information For Financial Planning And Administration For Federal and State Government Organizations WHOM–2206 — Employment History Questionnaires (Employment History Form WHSM‐2206) WHOM–2030 — Federal Employees' Program Participation Information And Related Information About Benefits; and, WSA–1820(4), The WHSM‐2030 Form. For information on the use of this information, see: Pursuant to Section 5.13(b)(1) of the Federal Government Personnel Act, as amended, and in accordance with the procedures set forth in this manual, the commanding officers of each of the following offices may request the report of information for the purposes specified in this paragraph: Directly concerned command; the Commanding Officer, Military Personnel Command The command or unit of a general or flag officer, and Directly concerned office of civilian employment of a uniformed service, may request this information by using Form 10-G-3074, Information to Be Reported Using Military Personnel Manpower Data System. The Commanding Officer, Military Personnel Command, must notify the Deputy Chief Personnel Officer of the requesting Commanding Officer that he or she has sent an authorized request. The requesting Commanding Officer, Military Personnel Command, shall obtain authorization from the Deputy Chief Personnel Officer of Personnel Management for use of the reportable data for the purpose specified in this paragraph. The following sections apply to the request made in any case involving the following sections: Section 10. Personnel System (a) A person may request a report of information from the personnel system by using the copy of the following form that must be completed and submitted with a signed authorization.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing CG-2024 Form

Instructions and Help about CG-2024 Form

Okay, this is section 2 of the application that goes in the application packet to get your captain's license. Let's talk about the transaction type. Here, the transaction type is the license we're applying for. In this case, we're applying for an original license. In 90-95% of the cases, we're dealing with right now, we're applying for an original license. Even if you get an endorsement on your license, right now you're applying for an original license. Down here, we will describe to the Coast Guard what license we're applying for. That's what this is all about. The transaction type is license original. Let's look down here. This is more what we want to focus on: what license are we applying for? In the video on sea time, the video will tell you what type of sea time and how much qualifies for what license. Now let's take a good look at this verbiage. So, applying for a grade of license includes tonnage, waters, propulsion mode, horsepower, etc., or merchant mariner document rating able-bodied seaman QMED, Eilert, etc. This is actually from my license. I took a picture of it. You can see the seal right down here. So, what we're applying for here is a master's. Hopefully, everyone applies for a master's license. If it's not a master's, it's an OUPV (operator of an uninspected passenger vessel). That's what U.P.V stands for. Here is master's. So, hopefully, everyone's applying for a master's license. And now let's look at this verbiage: Master of steam or motor or auxiliary sail vessel of not more than 100 gross registered tons. Domestic tonnage upon Great Lakes and inland waters authorized to engage in commercial assistance towing. Okay, let's break it down from the top. So, if you would like to be the master...